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The C.0ND0M Broke, What Should I do?

A few nights ago I engaged in s.exual !nt3rcourse with a s.ingle mother who stays in my neighbourhood and in the process the c.ondom burst. What should I do? I am afraid I may have c.ontracted H!V.

I trusted c.ondoms and I am…

Manual Versus Automatic Vehicle Myths Negated

Though most new vehicles sold today come with automatic transmissions, there are people who tout stick-shift manual transmissions as being a much better option. However, some of the benefits they cite are actually stick-shift myths and are based on outdated information.


Top Ten Longest Serving African Presidents.

While in some African countries, democratic transitions are expected every now and then, in other places it has more to do with maintaining the status quo with some leaders who have ruled for over three decades motivated enough to carry on.

These African…

I've Been SL33P!NG With My S!ST3R'S Husb@nd, Now I'm Pr3gn@nt!

I'm deeply in l.ove with my elder sister's h.usband and have been in a serious r3lat!onship with him for 6 years now. I am e njoying the man so much that I want him to d.ivorce my sister so I could be m.arried…

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Driving An Automatic Vehicle

Driving an automatic transmission vehicle is supposedly easier than driving a manual transmission or stick car. However, lack of practice and experience driving an automatic car means the driver can make mistakes that will make controlling the vehicle more complicated than it…

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