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Zimbabwe's First Lady Grace Mugabe set to become Vice President by December

The road has been all but opened for First Lady Grace Mugabe to take over from her husband Robert after it was revealed that the ruling Zanu PF party would hold an elective congress in December.

At the congress, it is largely expected…

Astonishing but true, Crocodiles can't chew

Crocodiles are top predators who do not have to worry about being eaten themselves while they lie around digesting their dinner.

Crocodiles are magnificent creatures. They have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, and they have taken this time to prefect…

Filthy rich Muza loses his cheque book

Muza lost his cheque booklet, He decided to go to the bank after 2 days to report. Here is the conversation between him and the bank manager.

Bank manager: But I warned you to be careful with your cheque book because anyone can…

Muza donates lots of blood to his girlfriend

Muza really loved his girlfriend. But she was involved in a car accident and lost a lot of blood.

Muza, being a very caring man, decided to donate all the blood for she needed. A few months later the girl refused to…

Pastor imp regnated Twenty Members of His Church, Claims the Holy Spirit Instructed Him to...

A self-styled 53-year-old pastor from Nigeria who imp regnated more than 20 members of his congregation, including several married women and young girls, claiming that the Holy Spirit told him to have s ex with them has been arrested for s exual abuse.

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