The road has been all but opened for First Lady Grace Mugabe to take over from her husband Robert after it was revealed that the ruling Zanu PF party would hold an elective congress in December.

At the congress, it is largely expected that Robert Mugabe will again request that the constitution of the party be amended, to create a post for a third Vice President, who should be female.

Currently, under the provisions set in the Unity Accord, one slot in the Presidium is reserved for

Crocodiles are top predators who do not have to worry about being eaten themselves while they lie around digesting their dinner.

Crocodiles are magnificent creatures. They have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, and they have taken this time to prefect themselves into the ultimate killing machines. They are masters of camouflage, strong, and if needed they can go without food for a long time. They are the creatures of many people’s nightmares. But when you are careful

Muza lost his cheque booklet, He decided to go to the bank after 2 days to report. Here is the conversation between him and the bank manager.

Bank manager: But I warned you to be careful with your cheque book because anyone can forge your signature.

Muza: I am not a fool, I have already signed all the cheques, so they won't have space to forge my signature!

Hahahahahaha Muza is a domboy

Muza really loved his girlfriend. But she was involved in a car accident and lost a lot of blood.

Muza, being a very caring man, decided to donate all the blood for she needed. A few months later the girl refused to have s ex with Muza and they broke up. The break up was so nasty that the girlfriend demanded the cap she had bought for Muza on his birthday and Muza also demanded his blood back.

Eish mara, the girlfriend took out a used sanitary pad from her pant!es, then threw it

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A self-styled 53-year-old pastor from Nigeria who imp regnated more than 20 members of his congregation, including several married women and young girls, claiming that the Holy Spirit told him to have s ex with them has been arrested for s exual abuse.

Ebere Amaraizu, DSP, a spokesman for the Enugu State Police Command told NaiJ that general overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity, Pastor Timothy Ngwu, was arrested for abusing his female members.

“The pastor

While in some African countries, democratic transitions are expected every now and then, in other places it has more to do with maintaining the status quo with some leaders who have ruled for over three decades motivated enough to carry on.
These African Presidents have been in power for so long that they have become synonymous with their countries. Under the terms of the Twentieth Amendment, at 12 noon, January 20, 2017, President Barack Obama was no longer President. He packed his

Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, on Monday handed a cheque of $1 million to the African Union (A.U.) Foundation as part of efforts aimed at lessening the body’s dependence on foreign aid.
The 93-year-old formally handed over the cheque to the A.U. Commission (AUC) chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat, on the floor of the AU headquarters during the 29th Heads of State summit in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

The state-owned Herald newspaper reported that the amount had

South Africa’s parliament will on August 3 vote a no-confidence motion on President Jacob Zuma, the national legislature said on Friday, but added that further consultations were taking place to determine whether the ballot would be held in secret.

The country’s top court ruled earlier in June that secret ballots may be held for motions of no confidence in parliament, a potential blow to the tenure of scandal-prone Zuma who said such a vote would be unfair. Parliament officials

A man died on the spot after a colleague struck him once with a broomstick while they were fighting over 60 cents in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Ronald Sibanda, who was widely known as Wire at the Bulawayo Market along 5th Avenue and Jason Moyo Street, was selling vegetables for a man only identified as James when he failed to account for $1.
Sources said a fight erupted when James saw Sibanda eating food from Chicken Inn on Thursday morning. “He confronted him and asked him why he was

A United States government report says Zimbabwe made notable progress to strengthen its capacity and to respond to cases of trafficking in persons in the past year.
“The (Zimbabwe) government made key achievements during the reporting period (2016- 17)… these achievements included increased efforts to investigate and prosecute alleged trafficking crimes,” according to the State Department Trafficking in Persons Report (June 2017). “The government coordinated

According to a report by local media The Herald, the Malawians were arrested at a bus station for not having required documents to be in the country.
“These Malawians were arrested in Mbare on May 31 after they were found with unstamped passports, while some had no travel documents and others had passports which did not belong to them,” they quoted a senior immigration officer who requested anonymity.

“There were 42 women detained at Chikurubi Maximum Prison

Imagine hiding a R12 418 042 secret from your spouse for over 3 years. Could you do it? Iminathi Govender, a Johannesburg mother of 2, risked her marriage and her family to hide a shocking secret from her husband of 13 years.
Thandolwethu and Iminathi Govender, residents of the Soweto district of Johannesburg, married in 2004 after years of dating. Thandolwethu worked as an engineer in the city and Iminathi took a job as a receptionist at a local clinic. After their first child

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The following statement was released by OUTA- the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse on Wednesday, 29 June 2017. Recently the President said: “If I am not told what I have done wrong, I cannot correct my mistakes.” Well, Mr President, we believe that OUTA’s case document will expose these mistakes.
As the head of State and the head of the national executive, the President occupies “a position indispensable for the effective governance of our democratic

Democratic Republic of Congo will not hold its annual independence day military parade on Friday because of security concerns, an adviser to President Joseph Kabila said on Thursday.
Congo’s independence day parades, held each of the last three years, are usually festive events that mark the end of Belgian colonial rule in 1960 and have been used to show off the Central African country’s latest arms acquisitions. But rising militia violence, a growing humanitarian crisis and

Farid Zarif, head of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) says the country’s democracy is tied to the success of upcoming elections in October this year. "Liberia’s future as stable democracy will hinge on successful conduct of elections, acceptance they were free & fair, smooth transfer of power. Despite important gains, Liberia faces challenges which weigh heavily on efforts to sustain peace & advance national reconciliation," Zarif said.

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